Trainers & Clinicians

Below is a list of our featured National accredited clinicians who are endorsing Cinch RSNC and offering their support. Please feel free to contact them with any of your training or clinic needs as it relates to their specialized equine discipline.

Lazy J Arena

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
The Lazy J Arena is a family run business that was built from the ground up with over 40 years of experience between Colette and Joel Lesh in riding, competing, training horses, and producing events. If we are not hosting a show ourselves, our family is on the road in competition. We take pride in what we do and work extremely hard at it. We love to share our dedication to the sport of Ranch Sorting with others through lessons, clinics, and partnering clients with their next top-notch athlete. For more information, call Joel today at 405-269-8425.

Wolfe Select Performance Horses

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Being a top money earner in the ranch sorting industry, Kason Wolfe is determined to provide performance level Cowhorses framed with a good mind & trained to fit your individual needs in & out of the arena. Offering sales, clinics, & training we would love to talk to you today to help you reach your ranch sorting dreams.

Wolfe Cowhorses

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Logan and Jessie Wolfe have championed a variety of cowhorse events, but the Ranch Sorting pen is where they have dedicated their lives. They have a comprehensive approach in working with each horse and rider that will expose your true potential through nationwide group and private clinics on and off of cattle.

TR Performance Horses

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Tommy Roberson has years of experience working and training horses. If you own a horse that has never been used in ranch sorting or have a trained horse and it just needs a tune up, contact TR Performance Horses. He will assess your skills and those of your horse then let you know the best training option for you.

Shelley Fitzgerald

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Shelley Fitzgerald loves to travel and meet new people interested in Ranch Sorting. She has put on clinics all over the country for over 25 years. Her love of horses and the game fuel her passion for educating fellow Ranch Sorting enthusiasts. If you would like to be a part of this winning team at Ranch Sorting 101, she is sure to have a horse in her barn that can take you to the next level. Call Shelley Fitzgerald at 405-826-3167 for more information today.

Dave Schaffner

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Dave Schaffner has been riding, training, and selling horses for years. If you are “Ridin’ with Dave” you are riding with one of the best mentors in the industry, offering lessons, clinics, and horse consigning in Central Texas. Dave doesn’t just sell horses; he creates winning teams of horse and rider.

Buckner Cow Horses

Cinch RSNC Featured Trainer
Buckner Cow Horses offers a large selection of the best quality ranch sorting, team penning, and cutting horses in the industry. They also sell ranch horses, rope horses, and barrel horse prospects if that is more your style. Buckner Cow Horses prides itself on keeping top quality, sound, and solid horses for competitors from entry level to the best pro riders.

Van Hargis

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
Van Hargis has been called one of today’s most versatile horsemen, a designation that reflects a lifetime devoted to learning-and communicating-the elements of superior horsemanship as applied in a variety of disciplines.

Allison Trimble

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
I named my horsemanship program Willfully Guided with the intention of helping people become capable in their relationship with horses, to encourage deliberate purpose and direction in horse training. Along the way I realized that the horse/human relationship holds so much humanity. Uncovering that has truly helped me become more capable in all relationships, horses and human alike. The same principles of Willfully Guided apply in the rest of human life. Welcome, friends, to Willfully Guided: The Journey.

Al Dunning

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
Al Dunning’s past seminars and clinics include John Lyons Equess America, Kansas Equifeast, Ohio Equine Affair, All American Quarter Horse Congress, American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Show, Craig Cameron’s Top Gun Clinic, Equitana, Equitana Sydney, and others. Clinics have been hosted worldwide, including Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, California, Montana, Argentina, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Charles Wilhelm

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
Charles is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training, an equine training technique that combines the best of traditional, classical, and natural horsemanship into a methodology that is applicable to every riding discipline. He believes that “It’s Never, Ever the Horse’s Fault” and his training methods reflect that motto.

Ken McNabb

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
Ken creates a unique environment where each horse is trained using gentle methods and the rider is coached to become their personal best. Ken's faith in Christ, along with his commitment to strong family values and patriotism, help make him the kind of speaker/trainer people enjoy.

Kevin Meyer

Mantz Creek ran through the cow/calf outfit of Kevin Meyer’s childhood home, flowing right in front of the house and down through the corral. It was at this creek that he grew and developed his principals to live by, which remain with him today: At the end of the day the only person you have to answer to is yourself; hard work is the most rewarding; caring for land and livestock is the best way to make a living; being a good neighbor is always important; never take for granted the quiet wonder of the world.

Kerry Kuhn

TV Host
Kerry's new weekly TV series, Ridin' Horses with Kerry Kuhn, began airing in January 2013. This TV series has been a dream of Kerry's for a long time, and he is very excited to have this opportunity to share what he has learned about horses. "I have spent my whole life working with horses. As I look back on all the horses I have ridden since I was a kid, each one was a stepping stone for me. I'm sure I messed more of them up in the beginning then I helped, but they all helped me see more of what I was missing. This TV series is a wonderful tool for me to share what I have learned over the years, and help people see that horsemanship can be as easy as you let it be."

John Lyons

Nationally Acclaimed Horsemen
Thirteen years ago John developed his certified trainer program that has graduated almost 300 trainers. This program had grown to be one of the top programs in the country for producing great clinicians, trainers and teachers. Today, this training program is taught by one of the top trainers in the world, John’s son, Josh Lyons

Cow Horse Productions – Cord McCoy

TV Host
Cord McCoy is a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University ('03) were he was a standout bull rider, saddle bronc rider and bareback rider for the "Bulldog" rodeo team. Cord turned pro in 2001 and has been a PBR member since 2004. However, this PBR fan favorite may be most recognized away from the riding arena as he and his brother, Jet, teamed up for a second place finish in season 16 of the CBS reality series "The Amazing Race," and most recently a fifth place finish in season 18. Over 10 Million households tuned in for the finale of season 16. Cord currently lives in Ada, OK with his wife Sara. Cord is excited to take viewers on his ride. Whether you enjoy the thrill of top-level competition or just appreciate the history of the western lifestyle and the American Cowboy, you are sure to enjoy the fun, informative, action-packed TV show "The Ride with Cord McCoy."