Challenge of the Champions

The Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships Challenge of the Champions is a way to honor contestants in each division for their outstanding success and contribution to Cinch RSNC’s mission of preserving and enhancing the ranching lifestyle.

The top 5 money earners in their division in Cinch RSNC-sanctioned events this season will get the opportunity to face off with the other division qualifiers in a “Challenge of the Champions” Round Robin.  The contender in each division with the most cows, in the least time at the conclusion of the Round Robin, will be crowned the division “Champion of Champions”!  Each of the top 5 qualifiers will be awarded a Cinch Shirt, Felt Back Tag, and a Challenge of the Champions Qualifier Award! The back tags will be numbered 1 thru 20, with back tag number 1 being awarded to the overall highest money earner in the contest.

This season began after the 2023 World Finals and concludes on May 31st, 2024 to allow for proper recognition and sizing of qualifiers.  Prizes or bonuses (Lottery Sort Highpoint bonus) do not count toward annual earnings, only money won in Cinch RSNC events via fast-go, incentive, or average payouts are included.  The top 10 season money earners will be listed here throughout the season, so you can see who the contenders may be. The Challenge of the Champions will have a thrilling contest between the most successful sorters of the year in the following divisions: Open (#7 – #9 rated riders), Amateur (#4 – #6 rated riders), Novice/Graduated Novice, and Rookie/Graduated Rookie.

To create the fairest and most competitive environment for all, if a member’s rating is moved up during the season they will have the opportunity to finish the season in their original Challenge of the Champions division.  Their rating will be moved, but they will remain in the division that they began the season in for the Challenge of the Champions.  In the event a  member has moved up two ratings, they will compete in the division applicable for the rating below their new rating.  If a member is moved down, they will be eligible to compete in their new division for the Challenge of the Champions.  This ruling is applicable to all rating changes that take place after the annual, season-end rating reviews.

Example Explanation

If a member is moved up from A to B during the season, they should be included in the A CoC Division
If a member is moved down from B to A during the season, they should be included in the A CoC Division.

This improvement to the Challenge of the Champions program is to maintain a competitive incentive program while upholding the integrity of the Cinch RSNC rating system.

The Challenge of the Champions Round Robins will take place at the World Finals event on June 11-18th, 2024. Members will ride at their current rating in the Challenge of the Champion Round Robins, even if they are in a different division. If any of the top five money earners will not be in attendance, the spot will be filled by the next eligible money earner in that division. We are incredibly proud of each and every member of the Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships Challenge of the Champions. Good luck to all!