Cow Horse Productions – Cord McCoy


Launched in 2008, Cow Horse Productions (CHP) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the traditions and art-in-handling of the working ranch cowboy, both in and out of the arena. Our featured production, “The Ride with Cord McCoy” travels to some of the most famous ranch locations, arenas, and events throughout the country and takes a creative look at time-honored disciplines such as reining, roping, cutting, and fence work, mounted shooting and more. Mastering these critical skills has long been essential to the success of the traditional, as well as, modern-day working ranch cowboy.

At Cow Horse Productions, we fear that much of the cowboy tradition may disappear after today’s cowboy legends pass away. These legends possess so much knowledge and skill that is not easily accessible to the recreational rider. After throwing around some ideas, Cow Horse Productions decided to document the time-honored wisdom and the heritage of today’s cowboy in medium that could easily be disseminated to the public and would provide future generations of horseman with practical lessons that could be applied to their own Ride.