Sorting Divisions

The purpose of handicaping is to level the playing field so contestants of all levels can compete.

All Levels Handicap #14 Ranch Hand Handicap
#15 Handicap #11 Ranch Hand Handicap w/ 4cap on sorter
#14 Handicap #10 Beg. Ranch Hand HC w/ 1 cap on sorter
#13 Handicap #11 Ranch Hand Handicap w/ 4cap on sorter
#12 Handicap Beginner Ranch Hand #10 Handicap
#11 Handicap Beginner Youth Ranch Hand Handicap
#10 Handicap
#9 Handicap
#8 Handicap
#7 Handicap
#6 Handicap
#5 Handicap
Rookie #11 Handicap (2-cap on Sorter)
Beginner Sort w/6 head of cattle(5 numbered 1 blank)
Youth #10 Handicap
Masters #10 Handicap
Round Robin
3 Man 2 Gate

If the #14 Ranch Hand is not offered and the #11 Ranch Hand is, there is no cap on the Sorter in the #11 Ranch Hand. Any numbered division can be sanctioned through special sanctioning.

  • Required Divisions

All Levels, a Beginner or Rookie, and three other classes must be offered to qualify as a sanctioned event.

  • Auto-Draw

Auto-Draw is designed to allow new contestants to the sport an opportunity to find rides and meet other contestants. All RSNC divisions have a 5 ride limit. Contestants can Pick up to 4 and Draw 1 or they can Pick less and Draw up to all 5.

  • Handicap System

The handicap system for all Sanctioned RSNC events in ranch sorting will be as follows. Each total team rating number below the highest possible team number in a division will receive one additional second beyond 60 seconds to sort their cattle. Then those additional seconds will be subtracted from the team’s final time on the cattle sorted.

  • Example

1. A #10 team in the All Levels Handicap division (#18 maximum rating) receives 8 additional seconds, (#18-10=8) giving them 68 seconds to sort. If they sort 10 head in 63 seconds their final handicap time would be 10 head in 55 seconds (63-8=55)

2. A #9 team in the #13 handicap division receives 4 additional seconds (#13-9=4) giving them 4 additional seconds to sort. If they sort 8 head in 56 seconds their final time would be 8 head in 52 seconds (56-4=52)

This system levels the playing field for all sorting contestants with a handicap based on their rating.

  • Masters #10 Handicap

All Contestants in the Masters Division must be 50 years of age or older at the end of the calendar year. This event is run as a #10 Handicap Division.