State Extravaganza Rules

State Extravaganza Rules

2024 Cinch RSNC Word Finals State Extravaganza Rules

You must be one of the top 3 riders in the National Points Race, attending the World Finals, in your respective state and rating division to qualify.

A State can have up to 3 teams. To determine teams, the highest placing riders from each eligible division will represent Team A. Second highest placing riders will represent Team B. Third highest placing riders will represent Team C.

State Extravaganza Teams are made up from the following divisions.

  • Beginner/Rookie/Graduated Rookie
  • Novice/Graduated Novice
  • Amateur/Graduated Amateur
  • Open
  • Masters
  1. If there is a tie that creates more than 3 positions in the top 3 of a division the tie-breaker rule is as follows: Number of shows competed in, if the tie remains the person that won the most points at any individual show will be chosen.
  2. It is necessary to have attended five sanctioned shows to ride in the “STATE EXTRAVAGANZA”.
  3. If you place in the top 3 positions in your state in 2 different categories (ex. Novice and Masters) you can ride on 2 different teams. (ex. Team A and Team C)
  4. If you are tied in the same position (ex. 1st place in both categories) then you will ride in the category that you earned the most points in. In the other category, you will trade positions with the next person under you. Example: you are in 1st place in the Novice class with 89 points and 1st place in the master’s class with 50 points. You will ride on the 1st team, Team A, as a Novice. You will ride on the 2nd team, Team B, as a Masters. The second-place person in the master’s class will ride with the 1st place team, Team A. Those 2 contestants will swap places.
  5. If you placed in the 3rd place position in 2 categories, then you will trade places with the 2nd place person in the category that you earned the least amount of points in.
  6. Each state team of 5 will pick their teams from their 5 members for their rides.
  7. The Division will be an All-Level Handicap.
  8. If a high point member does not attend, the next highest point member who attends can ride.
  9. If no member qualifies or attends in a rating category, then the highest attending member in the next rating category down is eligible.
  10. If a master’s does not qualify or attend, any youth attending from that state can substitute.
  11. If a State doesn’t have enough attending members for a five-person team, then they can combine with other states in the same situation. However, the rating categories must be enforced for the assembled team.
  12. Entry fees are $70/entry with a required two ride limit. (Each state picks their teams)
  13. One of five Saddles will be awarded to each member of the winning team!
  14. Awards will also be given to the 2nd and 3rd place state team.
  15. Your first objective is to win 1st in your state in the first round. No state can win 2 sets of 5 prizes. No two sets of states can compete in the final round.
  16. The top 3 state teams with the most cattle sorted in the fastest overall time in the State Extravaganzas will advance to the finals
  17. The team members of the top three states will all ride again with the same partners as before with a clean slate (three states equaling 18 teams to the finals).
  18. Tie breakers: Total # of cattle sorted is 1st and time on ties is second (for states in final round).