Meet the Team

Logan Wolfe, Event Director
Logan Wolfe was raised in the sport of Ranch Sorting. As his dad, Dave Wolfe, was developing and growing Cinch RSNC, Logan was right there learning and enjoying the game and the show production process himself. He has developed into one of the best in the industry, leading the association in all-time earnings with over $300,000.00 won. He now owns and manages Wolfe Cowhorses, where he trains and sells horses and gives clinics alongside his wife, Jessie Wolfe.

Logan has then taken his experience producing a professional and exciting event and developed Western States Productions. They put on Cinch RSNC events throughout the Western United States and host the Western States Finals annually. With the successful program of the Western States Finals, Logan Wolfe will be heading up the replication of that program in the East and is ready to offer you the Eastern States Finals too! While he wears many hats and is involved in various decisions for the Cinch Ranch Sorting National Championships, his primary role is producing the major events that we all look forward to. Logan invites you to join Cinch RSNC at an event near you, and hopes to see you in the sort pen!

Tanner Sperle, Customer Service Liaison/Data Analyst
Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, Tanner Sperle came to love the sport of Ranch Sorting in the year of 2017. He began attending local events at the Wolfe Arena here in Wellington. It was there that Logan and Jessie Wolfe saw the value that he could bring to the sport with his personable demeanor and incredible work ethic. He went on the road with Western States Productions before he was hired by Cinch RSNC. Now, he spends his days managing the main office and his weekends on the road for Cinch RSNC, WSP, or many other valued producers. Tanner lives and breathes Ranch Sorting, when he is not helping on the event production team, he is in the sort pen himself! He began as a true beginner in 2017 and has spent the time and effort that it takes to become a #5 rated rider with over $60,000.00 in lifetime earnings, in just four short years. He loves the opportunity to travel across the country and meet incredible people at Cinch RSNC events. Be sure to say ‘Hi’ if you see “SPUR-LEE” at an event near you!

Jennifer Smith, Reservations Coordinator
Jennifer Smith was born and raised in California. She began riding horses when she was nine and competed in hunter jumping for years before being introduced to the sport of Ranch Sorting. She joined RSNC and fell in love with the sport in 2011. After years of competing herself, Jennifer began to secretary and produce events at the same time. She quickly became involved with the headquarters of Cinch RSNC where she now manages event reservations and email marketing. When she is not in the sort pen, or working at an event, she enjoys spending time with her husband, visiting her son, and helping the 4H kids in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. She also raises and competes with Border Collies at cow dog trials, and maintains a herd of Boer goats. Make your reservations for a Cinch RSNC event today, Jennifer would love to help! Or you just might see her in the show office at an event near you!