The Cinch RSNC Futurity, presented by American National Insurance, is now open to everyone. This is an all-breed Futurity to showcase the pedigrees of our great sport. Therefore, you must provide copies of papers (front & back) so that we can promote the equine athletes you compete on, but they do not need to be from a certain stallion, sale, trainer or be in your name. $50 fee if you do not enter & provide a copy of papers the day prior to the Futurity.  The Futurity is for all 4 year old and younger horses.

There will be two classes available:
Pro Futurity – $5,000 ADDED – 6 Floor $250 entry fee
Non-Pro Futurity – $5,000 ADDED Payout – 5 Cap $250 entry fee/$75 entry fee for Gate horse

It is now easier than ever to showcase the quality pedigrees of Ranch Sorting horses and earn your way to a huge payday. Start getting your rides lined up for the Cinch RSNC Futurity today. The Cinch RSNC Futurity will take place Sunday at the Cinch RSNC World Finals in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our top trainers and stallions will now have the opportunity to promote themselves during this event through a sponsorship instead of a nomination. If interested in promoting your ranch, stallion, or training through our Futurity please contact the office at 970-897-2901.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our Ranch Sorters and look forward to what these changes will bring to the already prestigious event. Make sure you are part of this years Cinch RSNC Futurity!

Futurity Rules:

  1.  In the futurity, two classes will be offered, a pro futurity for riders rated 6 and above, and a non pro futurity for riders rated 5 and below.
  2. The American National Insurance Pro Futurity is a #18 HC with a 6 floor.  This class will be run as a regular sorting class with both riders on the team meeting the rider rating and horse age requirements. *Can ride up as a 6. Cinch RSNC handicap rules apply.
  3. The American National Insurance Non Pro Futurity is a #10 HC with a 5 cap on riders.  This class will be run as a Ranch Hand class with the futurity horse doing the sorting.
  4. A rider can enter up to 5 rides on 5 different horses, and no horse can be ridden twice in the same futurity.
  5. There will be 3 Go Rounds, All Rounds are Progressive, Top 30% of 1st Go Round will Progress to the 2nd Round, Minimum of 10 Teams, 3rd Round is a Short Go with a Maximum of 10 Teams.
  6. Contestants must have ridden in 5 Cinch RSNC events or 50 teams in the 2023-2024 season to be eligible for the bonus money.
  7. Added money is paid to the entire pot.
  8. All paperwork and entries must be submitted to the entry office no later than 9:00 am Sunday. If a horse is entered after 9:00am a $50 late fee per horse will be applied, no exceptions. RSNC office reserves the right to not accept entries after 9:00am on Sunday.

All classes 70% payout.