Western Heritage Sorting Class

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  • Kerry Staggs
    09/14/2017 (10:11 PM)

    I understand the rule of not starting the round loping into the herd and I’m thinking this also means not loping back into the herd after you’ve pushed a cow through the gate. But what if you’re focused on and pushing a particular cow toward the gate and that cow decides to take off across the pen to get back with the herd. Are you allowed to lope then to try to cut him off? Or, is any version of a lope enough to get you disqualified? Thanks

    • Barbara Williams
      09/17/2017 (3:31 PM)

      Thanks for your question Kerry. Here is an answer from Dave Wolfe; The sorter cannot lope more than one stride at any time and that includes trying to cut off a cow crossing the pen whether in or in front of the herd.

  • cj
    09/20/2017 (9:13 PM)

    Can the gate person lope to stop a cow?

    • Barbara Williams
      09/21/2017 (9:40 AM)

      Good question CJ, here’s what the home office says:
      The gate person can move at any speed to stop the cattle.

  • Cheyenne Barcelona
    09/25/2017 (1:57 PM)

    Are there any videos to watch this? Also, can you explain Verbal noise? I’ve read whistling and slapping of the leg is ok, but is any verbal noise ok? Is there a difference between the gate person and the person in the herd? Can you talk to your partner the way you normally would to give direction? Is your ranking in Western Heritage the same as your normal RSNC ranking? Very excited to be a part of this event, but wanted some clarification on the rules!

    • Barbara Williams
      10/02/2017 (12:41 PM)

      Cheyenne- here is an answer from Stephanie at RSNC:
      “We do no have any videos of western heritage sorting as of yet, Laura Roberson has one of Tommy doing it, I could try to send that. Just as long as you are not screaming and yelling at the cattle, what other verbal noises are you thinking of? There is a difference between the gate person and the person in the herd; the gate person is the one who stays in the hole and blocks the bad cows from getting past, while the person in the herd is walking through the cattle to find their correct number. The rating system will be the same for western heritage as it is for normal RSNC rating. You are more than welcome to talk to your partner as you normally do.”
      If you have more questions you’d like answered, you can also email Stephanie at stephaniersnc@hotmail.com. Thanks for your questions!

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