2015 RSNC Horse Earnings Tracking

RSNC’s alliances with various breed organizations makes horse tracking even more exciting. Therefore, we are ramping up our horse earnings tracking program. To have your horse’s earnings tracked for your breed organizaton and qualify for the year-end Horse of the Year in our Hall of Fame within your state and nationally, there will be a $2.00 tracking and processing fee per show / per horse. At each show this Horse Tracking form will need to be filled out by the contestant and turned into the show office with the appropriate fee so it can be mailed to the RSNC HQ.

It is the contestant’s responsibility to complete the Horse Earnings Tracking card, not the producer.

Horse Tracking forms mailed directly to the RSNC office by contestants will NOT be accepted and will be returned, they MUST be turned in to the show office at the show with the appropriate fees.

This tracking system not only gives recognition to your best partner (your horse) but it also increases its value by permanently registering its winnings within the sport. Horse Tracking dollars will be posted to our website throughout the year. The annual Horse of the Year tracking runs from January 1st through December 31st.

Click Here to download a Horse Earnings Tracking Request Form

The page below will updated automatically as show data is imported into the RSNC database. Please Note- Some information may be missing until the RSNC HQ office receives the paperwork from the producer. To view a listing of shows that are included for the horse earnings shown below, Click Here.