2011 National Finals Winners

#10 Beginner RH HC
#10 HC
#11 Rookie HC
#13 HC
$14 RH HC
#6 HC w/ #4
#10 Masters HC
#11 RH HC
#8 HC
All Levels HC
Bareback Sort
Graduated Beg RH HC
Graduated Rookie Sort
Open Sort
Sadie Hawkins #11
Youth Beginner
Youth Ranked
3 Man Olympic Sort
3 Man Olympic Sort
Novice Team Penning
Karen Gilley and Bryan Blackman
Charles Mahony and Phillip Wright
Karen Gilley and Bryan Blackman
Gary Roger and Jordan Lesh
Brian Buckner and Logan Wolfe
inc James Dunn and Carolyn Hawley
Tony Gibbs and David McElyea
Dora Blackman and Daphne Grose
Dora Blackman and Whitney Lynch
Jared Lesh and Jordan Lesh
Frank Schwegel and Samantha Struhall
Quinton Wingerte and Jim Crossey
Lance Snyder and Kelsey Stastny
Tom Field and Weston Raub
Betty Mackey and George Birck
Quinton Wingerte
Cydney Free and Whitney Lynch
Travis Cummings, Larry Newport and DeRoy White
Lucky Duck Randy Warner and Henry Herrmann
Larry Newport, Don Bell and George McKiddie