10 cubic ft. bag $12.00 or 3.5 cubic ft. bag $8.00

NO outside shavings allowed

$150.00 for the week for standard stalls/$180.00 for the week for Premium Stalls

Premium stalls are those in the Richardson-Bass building.  Stall numbers 658-845, 864-869, and 906-925.


Red and White logo

Blue and Red Plaid

Navy Blue Pattern

Red and Blue Pattern

All new contestants receive a free 1-year RSNC Membership. After their first year of free membership, beginners do not need to purchase a regular membership if they ride in the beginners class only (Ranch Hand Sort Beginner Handicap). However, after their first year of free membership, beginners must purchase an RSNC membership to ride in all other divisions. Day Pass rules do not apply if the rider is a beginner.

Single renewal: $65
Each additional family member: Add $40

All Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. The RSNC Membership Season runs from July to June each year. All memberships expire after the RSNC National Finals (except Lifetime Memberships). Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for application processing.

Black and Grey

Black and Royal Blue

Black and Turquoise


Orange Pattern and black logo

Grey pattern and Grey logo

Black and White logo

Turquoise and Grey Pattern

Red and White logo

Red and Blue Paisley

Maroon and White

Grey and White

Blue and White Stripe, Blue logo *New Material*

Blue Pattern with SNAPS

Red and White Pattern

Seafoam and Blue Stripe

Red and White Checker Pattern

Blue and Red Plaid

Blue and Red Paisley

Dimensions: 52″ x 28″

Black Cinch Jacket Grey Logo

Black Cinch Jacket Royal Blue Logo

Extra front pocket and inside concealed pocket

**Allow a week to 10 days to ship order** Gate Pads are $145 for EACH pad Description: 46 inches tall, 24 inches wide, 2 inches of thick foam 3 straps round the front: 41 inches long, 2 inches wide with velcro on each end 1 strap on top to secure to railing: 20 inches ling, 6 inches velcro to fasten to pad

Used by the Judge to indicate he/she is ready to start the team.  Raise the flag indicating that Judge is ready.  The announcer will announce “Flags Up” or “Cattle Ready”.   When the first contestant starts to cross the line drop your flag and start your timer.  This lets the announcer know that they need to immediately call the cattle number for this team.  Available in White

Black and Turquoise

Grey and Royal Blue

Grey And Lime Green

Blue and White

Light Grey and Grey

Dark Grey and Turquoise

Pink and White Stripe white logo

Blue Pattern and Orange accents, blue logo

Orange Pattern and Blue accents

Black and White logo

Teal and White logo

Red and White logo

Pink and Pink logo

Green and White Stripe, Green Logo *New Softer Material*

Purple and White Stripe and Purple Logo *New Material*

Coral and White Stripe *New Softer Material*

Dark Pink and Blue Checker Pattern

Pink Paisley with SNAPS

Light Teal and Pink Pattern

Plum and Grey Pattern






Women’s RSNC Quarter Zip ***BRAND NEW***